List of Do Not Use drugs withdrawn from the US market

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These are examples of drugs Worst Pills warned readers about well before they were taken off the market. We warned readers not to use seven of these 11 drugs more than two years before they were banned — in one case, Darvon, 22 years before it was banned.

Generic Name (Brand Name) Date Withdrawn in US Worst Pills, Best Pills Readers Warned DO NOT USE
Rofecoxib (VIOXX) September 2004 April 2001
Nefazadone (SERZONE)* May 2004 February 2002
Cerivastatin (BAYCOL) August 2001 March 1998
Alosetron (LOTRONEX)** November 2000 August 2000
Cisapride (PROPULSID) March 2000 August 1998
Troglitazone (REZULIN) March 2000 January 1998
Grepafloxacin (RAXAR) October 1999 April 1998
Bromfenac (DURACT) June 1998 December 1997
Dexfenfluramine (REDUX) September 1997 July 1996
Sibutramine (MERIDIA) October 2010 March 1998
Propoxyphene (DARVON) November 2010 May 1988

*After HRG petition and lawsuit, Bristol-Myers Squibb withdrew drug as did most generic manufacturers; some generic manufacturers still sell it
**Taken off the market then reintroduced under very tight restrictions: little use

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