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Preventing Heat-Induced Death and Illness
June 2012
This article lists practical steps to take to avoid death, hospitalization or other medical problems caused by heat stress. It also contains a list of 123 drugs that can impair your response to heat.
People on Certain Beta Blockers Should Be Wary of Epinephrine
May 2009
Patients taking a non-selective beta blocker should make sure the provider is aware of this before they receive an injection of epinephrine, as your physician or other health care provider may not be aware that a systemic dose of epinephrine may produce a dangerous spike in blood pressure. The article lists the selective beta blockers that do not cause this problem because they do not interact with epinephrine.
Used as a Glaucoma Treatment, Beta-Blocker Eye Drops May Cause Serious Adverse Reactions in Some Patients
November 2006
You should not use beta blocker eye drops to treat glaucoma if you have pre-existing breathing or certain heart conditions.
Breathing Problems In Older Adults Using Beta-Blocking Eye Drops For Glaucoma
February 2003
Beta-blockers, a family of drugs frequently prescribed for high-blood pressure, are also very useful (as eye drops) in controlling elevated pressure in the eye (glaucoma). Because beta-blocking drugs, including the topical products, affect both the heart and the lungs these drugs should not be used in patients with bronchial asthma or a history of that disease