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  • EpiPen Maker Mylan Becomes Lead Pharma Villain [hide all summaries]
    (November 2016)
    Worst Pills, Best Pills News editor Dr. Michael Carome discusses how drug manufacturer Mylan assumed the banner of most infamous price gouger among pharmaceutical corporations in the U.S.
  • People on Certain Beta Blockers Should Be Wary of Epinephrine [hide all summaries]
    (May 2009)
    Patients taking a non-selective beta blocker should make sure the provider is aware of this before they receive an injection of epinephrine, as your physician or other health care provider may not be aware that a systemic dose of epinephrine may produce a dangerous spike in blood pressure. The article lists the selective beta blockers that do not cause this problem because they do not interact with epinephrine.
  • Drug-Induced Eye Toxicity: 62 Drugs That Can Cause Eye Disease [hide all summaries]
    (April 2008)
    This article, based on a recent review in Drug Safety, lists 62 prescription drugs that can cause eye disease. The range of drug-induced eye diseases includes diseases of the eyelids, glaucoma, cataracts, retinal damage and optic nerve damage. As is true for drug-induced diseases in other parts of the body, you should consider newly developed eye symptoms beginning shortly after starting a new medication to be possibly drug-induced and consult a physician.

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