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  • Risk of Serious Harm from Sodium Phosphate Products for Constipation
    (April 2014)
    The FDA recently issued an alert about serious, and even fatal, kidney and heart risks from exceeding the recommended dose of over-the counter sodium phosphate products used to treat constipation. This article reviews the data that led to the FDA’s alert and provides advice on how to avoid these serious harms when taking sodium phosphate products.
  • The FDA Must Aggressively Inspect Foreign Drug Factories
    (April 2014)
    On Jan. 23, 2014, the FDA issued an order banning from the U.S. market any drugs produced by a factory owned by a leading manufacturer of generic drugs sold in the U.S. Read this commentary to find out why.
  • NUVARING: Do Not Use
    (April 2014)
    Do not use the contraceptive drug NUVARING. Multiple studies have shown increased risk of blood clotting with drugs from the same family as NUVARING, and some have shown increased risk with NUVARING itself. Learn about safer, equally effective forms of contraception that are widely available.
  • Calcium Channel Blockers Plus Most Macrolide Antibiotics: A Dangerous Combination
    (April 2014)
    Learn about new evidence demonstrating the dangers of combining calcium channel blockers, a widely used class of drugs for treating high blood pressure, with the commonly used macrolide antibiotic clarithromycin and other related antibiotics. Also find out which macrolide antibiotic does not have this dangerous interaction with calcium channel blockers.

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  • Testosterone Use Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Attacks
    (March 2014)
    There is a growing body of evidence indicating that testosterone treatment exposes men to an increased risk of adverse cardiovascular events, such as heart attack and stroke, as well as death. This article reviews the results of two recently published studies that provide the most compelling evidence yet linking testosterone use to increased cardiovascular risk.
  • A Bad Law on Compounded Drugs Made Worse by Poor FDA Messaging
    (March 2014)
    In his first column as the editor of Worst Pills, Best Pills News, Dr. Michael Carome highlights the major flaws in a new federal law on compounded drugs and criticizes the FDA’s initial failure to clearly communicate to the public that compounded drugs are riskier than FDA-approved drugs.
  • Year in Review: Troubling New Drug Approvals of 2013
    (March 2014)
    Learn about new drugs approved by the FDA in 2013 that Worst Pills Best Pills has identified as dangerous or ineffective. The drugs include two for diabetes, two for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and an over-the-counter drug for overactive bladder, among others.
  • Escalating Criminal and Civil Violations: Pharma Has Corporate Integrity? Not Really
    (March 2014)
    Dr. Sidney Wolfe, founding editor of Worst Pills, Best Pills News, concludes that “there is pathological lack of corporate integrity in many drug companies.” Read this article to find out why.

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  • The New Diabetes Drug Canagliflozin (INVOKANA)
    (February 2014)
    Do not use the newly approved diabetes drug INVOKANA. It offers no benefits over existing drugs but can result in serious risks, including hypotension and impaired kidney function, outlined in the article.
  • Passing the Editorial Baton for Worst Pills, Best Pills News and
    (February 2014)
    Learn about the new editor of the Worst Pills, Best Pills newsletter and website, Dr. Michael Carome. The founding editor, Dr. Sidney Wolfe, will continue writing articles for the newsletter, including some of his new regular columns for the British Medical Journal.
  • Painkiller Patches Cause Accidental Deaths in Children
    (February 2014)
    The FDA has announced that accidental exposure to a prescription narcotic patch has been fatal to children. Learn what precautions to take to protect the young people around you.
  • How Effective Are Antidepressants for Depression?
    (February 2014)
    Some degrees of depression are less likely to respond to treatment with an antidepressant. This article reviews the evidence and evaluates 27 different antidepressants, labeling many as Do Not Use or Limited Use.

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