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  • New Study Shows Increased Risk Of Death With Sleeping Pills And Tranquilizers
    (July 2014)
    For many years, Public Citizen’s Health Research Group has recommended against using tranquilizers and sleeping pills to treat insomnia and anxiety. This article presents new evidence linking use of these drugs to an increased risk of premature death.
  • Assessing FDA Performance: Approval Speed Is Not the Answer
    (July 2014)
    In his editor’s column, Dr. Carome takes the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to task for its obsessive focus on drug approval times as a measure of agency success. Focusing on such metrics to assess the agency’s performance is misguided and dangerous.
  • Genetic Tests Not Useful for Managing Warfarin Dosing, According to New Studies
    (July 2014)
    In 2007, the FDA enthusiastically suggested that newly available genetic tests would help doctors select the best dose of warfarin — one of the oldest and most widely prescribed blood thinners (anticoagulants) — for individual patients. Find out why the FDA’s enthusiasm about the promise of genetic testing in the management of warfarin dosing was premature and overstated.
  • High-Dose Selenium May Increase Prostate Cancer Risk
    (July 2014)
    Dietary supplement companies tout the mineral selenium as possibly being able to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and other diseases. Learn about new evidence showing that high doses of selenium may actually increase the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Do Not Use Steroid Injections for Back Pain
    (July 2014)
    Steroid injections are very commonly used to treat back pain. Find out why Public Citizen’s Health Research Group now recommends against such treatment.

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