February 2011 Articles

Nine Rules for Safer Drug Use
We discuss nine safety rules you need to know when using medications.

Extra Dollars for Docs
Find out how to see if your doctor is one of more than 32,000 who have taken money from pharmaceutical companies, mainly for acting as drug company speakers or as consultants. Three hundred eighty-four of these physicians have gotten more than $100,000 in little more than one year. Does this affect the way they treat you?

Homeopathic Teething Tablets Recalled Due to Possible Belladonna Toxicity in Children
This article discusses why certain homeopathic teething tablets should not be used and lists symptoms of their toxicity that parents and other child caregivers can look for.

Saxagliptin (ONGLYZA) - Another Diabetes Drug
The article discusses why you should not use this newly approved diabetes drug until more is known about its safety.

Vitamins C and E and Prevention of Cataracts
This article discusses the results of a new study involving more than 11,000 people who were given vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin E and C together, or placebos and followed them to see if they developed new cataracts. The article also includes a review of older studies of the effects of these vitamins on colds, kidney stones, cancer, heart disease and other diseases.

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